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December 18, 2020
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In the mid-1990s, more than 40 states launched a lawsuit against the tobacco industry seeking relief under various consumer protection laws and agreements. [6] The first was declared in May 1994 by Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore. Tobacco control includes measures to prevent and reduce tobacco use, such as tobacco-free air legislation, access to tobacco assistance, tobacco taxes, efforts to raise the minimum age of sale of tobacco products to 21, and much more. These are proven strategies that not only save lives, but also reduce tobacco diseases and ultimately save the health costs of the federal states and our federal government. At the time the agreement came into force, THE OPMs together controlled about 97% of the domestic market for cigarettes. In addition to these “initially implemented parties” (OSPs), the Master Settlement Agreement allows other tobacco companies to join the transaction; A list of these “SSPs” is maintained by the National Association of Attorneys General. [16] Since 1998, some 41 other tobacco companies have joined the Master Settlement Agreement. These companies, designated as the following participating producers (successful producers), are bound by the restrictions in the transaction contract and must make payments to the settlement Member States, as defined in the transaction contract. Together, MPOs and PMS are designated as participating manufacturers (PMs). Any tobacco company that chooses not to participate in the transaction agreement is designated as a non-participating producer (NPM). The 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between major tobacco companies, 46 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and five U.S.

territories changed tobacco control. Under the MSA, tobacco manufacturers are required to make annual payments to established countries as long as cigarettes are sold in the United States by state-based companies. The NAAG Center for Tobacco and Public Health ensures that these payments are made.