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September 24, 2021
Kseb Contract Demand Agreement
September 25, 2021

Teachers wanted a lower base salary for beginning teachers to spread the money over later steps in the payroll plan, while the council wanted a higher base salary to keep salaries in Jamestown competitive with other districts. The Jamestown Public School Board and the Jamestown Education Association agreed on Monday, September 23, on a two-year contract for teachers in the district. The two-year contract agreed monday includes salary increases of US$800 for the 2019-2020 school year and a $1300 increase for the second year. In the contract offer accepted, the entry salary for a teacher who earned a bachelor`s degree in the first year of the contract is 43,817 $US. “Other districts have increased their base (salary) this year and that`s what we want to maintain,” said Jennifer Schmidt, chair of the school committee. Both sides agreed that a newly recruited teacher in the district could not be paid more than a returning teacher with similar experience. A newly recruited teacher in the district can bring a maximum of 10 years of experience outside of Jamestown Public Schools to be considered in the payroll plan. . . .