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December 20, 2020
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Tenders and temporary work could therefore change the structure of collective bargaining, but they have not reduced the scope of collective agreements as such. The third development mentioned above is different: the increase in the number of self-employed workers. All types of qualified staff, from nurses, trainers and textors, stonemasons and truck drivers, offer their services to more than one client and thus obtain independent status. The position of this group, particularly on taxation and social security, is far from clear, its protection against abuses is sometimes weak. Recently, the FVN created a special union for the self-employed. This union aims to defend and protect the interests of the parties involved. [103] Although the Collective Agreements Act does not exclude the possibility of entering into collective agreements on the working conditions of the self-employed,[104] the association`s statutes do not provide for such a power. [105] The union itself, however, can be seen as a clear attempt to reorganize this part of the labour market. [42] Accounting only for general agreements that contain all basic working conditions, excluding special pre-retirement, training, etc.

agreements. The right to access justice is guaranteed by both the Dutch Constitution and international conventions that bind the Netherlands. However, this right can be waived, for example. B by voluntary submission to arbitration. Dutch law, which considers arbitration awards fairly favourably, does not set any specific requirements as to the form in which the right of access should be waived. [65] Arbitration clauses in the terms and conditions of sale are considered binding, as are arbitration clauses in the organization`s statutes. The same preference for arbitration also applies to labour disputes. In general, Dutch law allows parties to an employment contract to submit their disputes to other modes of dispute resolution, including arbitration. [66] This also applies to cases based on Article 7: 685 BW. Contracting parties have the right to request the termination of the employment contract at any time. This invalidates all provisions that prevent or delay such measures, not those that simply alter the location of such a measure. Arbitration[67] can be agreed in a collective agreement and therefore becomes binding on the parties` members.

[68] In practice, collective agreements contain such clauses. [69] However, the arbitration clauses contained in collective agreements cannot be declared to be of general application, as this would be contrary to the requirement of voluntary submission. [70] Employers and employees may agree to terminate an individual transitional instrument based on the agreement through a termination agreement. [112] The framework agreements will contain the limits of this agreement. In a so-called multi-level agreement, some issues are addressed in the branch contract, while others still need to be decided at the enterprise level: K. Schilstra – E. Smit, Drie scenarios voor de belangenbehartiging van werknemers, SMA 1996, p. 121. A termination contract has no effect unless it is approved by the Fair Work Commission. The termination is made from the date set by the Fair Work Commission`s decision to authorize the termination.

National[71] and international provisions[72] protect freedom of association.