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October 14, 2021
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October 15, 2021

A proponent typically has a separate rolling agreement with an operations and maintenance contractor who, as the name suggests, will operate and maintain the P3 project for the duration of the concession. Although the O&M designer and contractor have different roles, the entire team benefits from their collaboration and regular interaction. Standard accident or liability insurance has a “per event” or “per loss” limit and an overall limit, the amount paid under a policy. The drop-down coverage of a roof policy comes into play and provides coverage when the limits of the liability policy have reached the maximum. For example, a scrolling provision in an umbrella insurance system fills in the coverage gaps that may exist in primary liability insurance. Suppose a commercial property suffers fire damage that also extends to nearby premises. If there are significant losses, the owner may need to make a claim under the drop-down coverage of an umbrella insurance policy to pay for nearby structures. This is where an “interface” agreement – between the developer, the design builder and the O&M contractor – comes into play. This agreement usually involves collaboration in design development, project testing, and overlapping work activities. It also assigns responsibility for design changes that unexpectedly affect one of the parties. The Parent Company and TERP will negotiate in good faith to complete the forms of the Additional Carveout Transaction Agreements, the O&M Agreements, the U.S. RSC Rolling Agreement, the Note and any sub-agreements that may be necessary or practical within thirty (30) days of the date of this Agreement and, in any event, before closing. provided that, as regards terp, the terms of such agreements require the approval of the Corporate Governance and Conflict of Interest Committee.

1. A drop-down clause provides coverage that “falls” and serves as the primary coverage in certain situations. This includes when the primary insurer is insolvent or the underlying limits of the policy aggregate have been exhausted. As of December 31, 2015, there must have been no material adverse effects (as defined in vantage`s acquisition agreement) or adverse effects on rice material (as defined in the intermediate drop-down list agreement). .