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October 13, 2021
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October 14, 2021

The amount you receive for your work is at the heart of any union contract. But in the entertainment industry, even this seemingly simple concept is complicated in practice, and the MBA is complicated accordingly. The minimum schedule is an element accompanying the MBA and summarizes the rates of pay described in Article 13 of the Agreement. In a July 1 memo to members of the Writers` Guild, the organization`s Minimum Basic Agreement Committee said it had unanimously approved a preliminary agreement with the AMPTP. The committee said the total three-year package is estimated at more than $200 million. “LIMIT DISCOUNTS TO MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The MBA currently offers discounts on minimum requirements in a number of areas that we consider unjustified. That, too, needs to change. For example, as of 2017, the purchase price of an original specification script is as follows: Improve the compensation of employed writers by adding script fees and/or removing the “discount for new writers”: “Currently, the fees of employed writers are taken into account in the weekly remuneration. In addition, a company can choose whether some employees want to pay 75% of the minimum for the first 14 weeks or 60% of the minimum for the first seven weeks via the “new author discount”.

“If you would like to purchase a printed copy of the MBA or previous agreements or schedules, send an email to Operations.