Traduction De Loan Agreement

This Agreement Made In Duplicate
October 11, 2021
Types Of Repo Agreements
October 12, 2021

The Finnish authorities claim that Tieliikelaitos does not have the possibility to terminate the loan agreement during the term of the loan without the agreement of the lender. Faced with the acute difficulties of the companies, the banks gave up signing the credit agreement and never paid the loan. The rental agreement provides that the property to be rented must be returned to the lessor within […] of the expiry of the lease (Article 4(16)). Does the credit agreement require reserves in the event of a triggering event? Interest must be based on the underlying interest rate of the credit agreement. Such communication shall be made in accordance with the applicable procedures laid down in the syndicated credit agreement. Loan from the Romanian investment bank, concluded by the Ministry of Finance and made available to CE Hunedoara through a subsidiary loan agreement (BCR loan) – RON 83485450. loan agreement for the financing of the acquisition of movable property and a transfer of securities under a securities loan agreement; In addition, the same wording used to consider the first loan to WAM SpA as an incentive for market penetration programmes was also used in the aid grant contract in 2000. Capitalized interest is interest if interest is added to the loan balance at the end of the interest period provided for in the loan agreement. The loan agreement mentions the acquisition of Pirelli as the objective of the loan. The maturity date of the loan, as defined in the credit agreement. . In Italian, these contracts are respectively called contratto di comodato or contratto di somministrazione. .

The loan agreement referred to in Article 3 shall contain provisions. . . . The Memorandum of Understanding and the Loan Agreement contain provisions. . . .