Teamsters Local 230 Collective Agreement

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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020

Randy Doner, President of Teamsters Local 230, would like to congratulate the members of the Ottawa ESROC for ratifying the collective agreement, which involves raising wages, upgrading pensions, etc., strengthening the way the agreement works. He would also like to thank the stewards for their support during the negotiations. Congratulations are for Aecon Quarry Ottawa for ratifying a new agreement for a three-year term with salary increases and the SSPP. I would also like to thank Steward Ron Cureston for his experience and determination to achieve great results. Special thanks are extended to Steward Jeff Lefebvre and to the members` support for reaching an agreement. I would like to welcome our new head of economic affairs, Marco Posca, to our team. It brings all the attributes we are looking for now and in the future for our membership. The decision to hire Marco was made after a long and careful review of all the candidates. I ask you to give all your support to Marco, as you can be sure. Marco will start his new position at the local on September 19, 2016. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Local Office Staff 230, I would like to congratulate the members of Dufferin Concrete on the ratification of a new collective agreement. The five-year agreement improved increases in wages, pensions and benefits and other issues.

Special thanks go to the Dink Brown, Joe Fynboe, Jeff Monk, Santino Spadaro, Troy Serroul, John Sozinho and Jeff Pogue negotiating committee. It`s a fantastic job. Congratulations to all the employees of the Lindsay Lafarge Group for the ratification of the collective agreement! The agreement has had substantial increases in wages and pensions as well as other operational improvements. Special thanks go to Steward Eric Hutchinson for his hard work and commitment to achieving great results. Being a teamster is more than just complaints and collective agreements. It is also about helping those who need it, supporting communities and building a better country. I would like to congratulate CBM Gatineau for ratifying a collective agreement on November 16, which includes many improvements. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the staff and management of Local Teamsters 230 to welcome TBG Environmental Inc. members for their first contract. The agreement has made many changes, such as improved social benefits, wages and many procedural changes.

I would also like to thank my negotiating committee, Chantale Villenuve, Michel Dion and Michel √Čthier, as well as the significant participation of the members in the ratification. I would like to thank our new teamsters Local 230 members for their support and patience throughout this process, and look forward to securing your first collective agreement in the near future. Thank you to all the members who took the time to vote and best wishes to Brother Robert Bouvier for his retirement! The Teamsters have just completed an election to succeed President Robert Bouvier, who will retire next May. Thinking of joining a union? Here`s how we can help. Congratulations to Pat Noel for his retirement, with thanks for 30 more years as a committed teamster! The local 230 board of directors, company representatives and all employees wish him well for his retirement.