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October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021

Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba have announced school closures and other provinces may take similar action. If you cannot arrange childcare, please discuss teleworking with your supervisor. If teleworking is not possible, you will be granted paid leave – under “Other leave with payment (code 699)”. If, in these unprecedented times, we are not to play critical roles and report in the workplace, we must stay at home and, as far as possible, work from home. In certain exceptional circumstances, staff with ergonomic equipment specific to the office may not have similar appliances at home. In these cases, staff should discuss with management the nature of the work performed (critical), the nature of the specific ergonomic equipment prescribed, and instructions for requirements, to see what can be done as a temporary measure while the employee is working from home. President Daviau will continue to call on the Treasury Board to do everything in its power to ensure that construction sites are safe and that the well-being of members is the top priority for those who, at this stage, are unable to telework. Yesterday, the Canadian Board of Directors (TBS) provided additional guidance to departments and agencies, expecting managers to consider teleworking for all their employees in all workplaces, while ensuring that Canadians continue to conduct critical government operations and services. Reporting and auditing on government performance and how the government is accountable. Here are some tips on how telecommuting is becoming a win-win deal: We expect to learn more in the hours, days, and weeks ahead.

We are committed to informing you as soon as possible. President Daviau raised concerns about VPN access and the adequacy of the IT infrastructure to support this change. We were assured that the Treasury Board, Shared Services Canada and Chief Information Officers are working to support remote work and prioritize network access for critical operations. For more information about teleworking and your rights, please contact Labour Relations at labourrelations@acfo-acaf.com or by phone at 1-877-728-0695 and request a phone call with an employment relationship counsellor. Although there are no specific guidelines for the conclusion of the Performance Management Agreement (PMA) during the covid 19 crisis, the tools available in normal times remain good practices. What is different is the indulgence and flexibility required for the work done in the last two weeks of March, when the requirement to work from home began. There has been little announcement for social distancing and the closure of schools, offices, businesses, etc. and significant adjustments needed for all. This context must be taken into account. When employees have been informed that they can return to work at the office, they are responsible for returning items by mail to the office and must complete the courier request form to arrange pickup at the expense of their fee service. Staff are responsible for properly cleaning all items they have in their homes before returning them to the office. Employees are asked, “The health and safety of all Canadians is a top priority for our government.

Directives and instructions were sent by the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer to all departments and agencies. The Canadian government will be as flexible as possible and will not only allow telework, but promote it when and where possible. We will constantly reassess the situation and strive to balance both our duty to Canadians and the health and safety of all public servants. PIPSC works closely with our stewards and consulting teams to ensure that construction sites are safe for members. If a COVID-19 case is possible or confirmed, our team works quickly to ensure all members are safe and informed. . . .