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April 12, 2021
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April 12, 2021

A-6; No no. The use of motor vehicles is not covered by this rule and local agreements and arrangements continue to apply. (e) the agreement reached by the parties on these matters provides for a contractual duration in accordance with Article XVII of the agreement, whether that agreement is concluded during the period during which the parties` proposals are kept in the storage or after the date on which they can be advanced in accordance with the procedures set out above in the Railway Works Act. A-2 Yes, but only for employees represented by the UTU on June 30, 2004 and only if they worked in an UTU as conductor/foreman, braking/assistant, hostler, engineer (if represented by UTU) or shipyard master on July 1, 2004. NOTE: As stated in this paragraph, the term “total paid hours” includes all hours of work paid for hours paid for hours paid during working time, base salary for leave as such, all overtime paid for overtime paid for work on leave, as well as the hourly equivalent of arbitrators and special allowances under the tariff agreements. The term does not include the hourly counter-value of vacation or compensation benefits instead of leave or payments resulting from scheduling violations. In considering the issues at issue, we took into account the fact that the conditions of protection imposed by collective agreements and by legal or regulatory provisions have generally been recognized as protection to protect workers from a less favourable employment situation, as an air carrier or air carrier takes steps in terms of coordination, merger, consolidation, abandonment or other authorized operations. In this context, Section 5 (2) (f) of the Interstate Commerce Act provides: Q-7: If local agreements such as M1f have died from the highway, the mileage of highways applies and, if the train is without a mile, will the number of kilometres of rail apply to the new agreement? The Joint Interpretation Committee will support expedited resolutions on the various railway lines that are consistent with these objectives and will provide advice, guidance and other assistance in the development of the changes in operating rules and agreements needed to provide the type of service necessary to achieve these objectives. “The airline`s interest is to be able to fill its vacancies with qualified staff and to fill these positions with the right person, in accordance with collective agreements. If an engineer returns to the train service, there cannot be an engineering vacancy in the seniors` area, as the BLE agreement would require him to fill this vacancy. At the time of decommissioning, there must be at least one more engineer than engineering positions. Therefore, one of the engineers in this seniors` area is re-entering the train service because there are not enough engineering jobs.

In this case, the controversy is in fact about who is the appropriate engineer to be demoted to train traffic.