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October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021

According to the good plan, the delivery time must come from the information set, because the same material can be purchased by different suppliers. What is your requirement, how do you want to propose the system? GreetingsIn addition, we have 2 works in different company codes. One feeds the other (plant 0100 feeds 0200). With ME31, I established a delivery plan for Part A that set 10 days as the expected delivery time. As soon as I operate the MRP, I can see the planned entrance to plant 0200, scheduled for May 22. In factory 0100, I see the request on May 12 (due date – 10 of the scheduled delivery), so everything looks good. The system takes into account the expected delivery time in the case of a delivery plan. The problem is that the classifications generated by the disposition (for acquisition) do not take into account the “expected delivery time”. The system only commissions the G.R. processing time. Please, head in. How can I take care of the time it takes at Vendor Ends? Where do you check the desired delivery date in both factories? Details pl.

Second, there are two ways to use the list of sources. (1) Enter the Creditor column (2) Create a contract/appointment and enter the document you want. No, in the Agmt column. In the case of limited information, I assume that the expected release date of the product upon delivery is based on an availability check that has established that, based on needs, stocks and receipts, this is the first estimate of the availability of the material. So why is delivery established with the expected date of the GI as the date of receipt and not with the date of shipment? I know I can change it manually, but why did he create it like that? Thank you ladies and gentlemen, if the expected delivery time is different in material base and information set data, if a PR to be established by mrP is executed, the release date in the PR is usually determined by material base data. In other words, if the delivery time provided for in the information kit is longer than in the hardware basic data, PR or PO will not meet the real needs for example.B. of an SO. How can I resolve this issue? Br, Yan Zhao I can`t find the delivery time provided for in the delivery plan. Can you help me, please, where is this field in SA….