Maida Learning Service Agreement

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December 12, 2020
Marketing Agreement Explanation
December 12, 2020

3.5Sofern Maida Pipe Relining has agreed in writing with a customer that at the time of handing over goods or services, invoices may be made available to the Customer within 7 days of the date indicated or otherwise indicated on an individual invoice. Maida Pipe Relining reserves the right to immediately pay the invoices on accounts receivable. 2.3 No representative or representative acting on behalf of Maida Pipe Relining is entitled to give assurances, declarations, conditions or agreements that have not been issued in writing by a Maida Pipe reliance manager. If such unauthorized assurances are made, Maida Pipe Relining is not bound and does not assume responsibility for the results of these unauthorized statements, conditions or agreements. 1.1 “you” or “customer” refers to the person, company or company that orders Maida Pipe Relining`s goods or services. 5.3 On the Customer`s written request, goods and services may be delivered to a third party designated by the Customer. Third-party delivery is considered a delivery to the customer and payment is required before or after receipt of invoiced goods or services. Maida Pipe Relining disclaims any liability for losses or damages incurred by goods owned by the third party. 6.1 All appointments made with Maida Pipe Relining will receive a time space for the estimated arrival of Maida Pipe Relining, where they are requested on site. While Maida Pipe Relining strives to meet all estimated delivery dates for goods or services, the data and times shown are indicated in estimates and Maida Pipe Relining is not bound by a contractual obligation to the customer. (a) is not responsible for claims relating to the physical function or condition of equipment/services/ownership or the condition of existing equipment/services before, during or after services; 5.2 On the customer`s written request, the goods may be delivered with a third-party carrier designated by the customer or at the discretion of Maida Pipe Relining. Delivery to the carrier is considered a delivery to the customer and Maida Pipe Relining is not liable for losses or damage to goods owned by the carrier.

All costs incurred at the customer`s request for the use of a carrier are borne by the customer with the goods and services charged. b) Maida Pipe Relining will not be responsible for any loss of earnings, profits or productivity before, during or after the provision of services, even if Maida Pipe Relining has been informed of the possibility of damage or loss to persons or property. 3.0 Prices, fees and payments 3.8 All goods that Maida Pipe Relining delivers to the customer must be compensated separately from the services received. 5.5 In the event that the full payment by balance funds has not been made under the terms of payment, Maida Pipe Relining reserves the right to enter the Customer`s premises and withdraw from the Customer, without notice, all goods made available by Maida Pipe Relining. In accordance with these terms and conditions, the customer releases Maida Pipe Relining from and against all costs, claims, claims or deeds of a party resulting from such an act. 8.2 With respect to item 8.1, the warranty does not apply to goods or services when: 5.1 Maida Pipe Relining provides all goods and services to the customer.