Lima Agreement Agenda 21

Letter Of Agreement Defined
December 12, 2020
Lma Bilateral Loan Agreement
December 12, 2020

On the margins of the right, a benevolent agreement that encouraged social and environmental responsibility has become a disguised attempt to impose global communism on free citizens. Some will consider it a harmless kook, pointing out that One Nation is far from being at the levers of power. But in a finely balanced Senate, where Roberts` beliefs are indeed shared with some members of the Liberal Party, it is not possible to believe that Roberts will be able to act to prolong delays in this country in order to find an effective response to climate change. We, the people of Australia, demand that our elected government not enter into “any contract with other countries, institutions or governing bodies outside the control of the community without the explicit mandate of the majority of Australian citizens in a general election.” As such, we demand that our Prime Minister, The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull and any other member of the government do not “interfere” with the EU until the Australian people have agreed to an upcoming debate at the next general election. Tom DeWeese, an American right-wing activist who heads the American Policy Center, was one of the first critics of the agreement and has always said that sustainable development is a “utopian socialist nightmare.” In general, the climate change debate in Australia has been poisoned by the belief – shared by the far right and some mainstream conservatives – that climate science is fundamentally a left-wing plan. Roberts continues this tradition. Action 21 is a non-binding UN action plan for sustainable development. [1] It is a product of the Earth Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is a programme of action for the United Nations, other multilateral organizations and individual governments around the world, which can be implemented at local, national and global levels. An important goal of Agenda 21 is for each local government to direct its own local Agenda 21. The initial goal was to achieve sustainable global development by the year 2000, with Agenda 21 referring to the initial goal of the 21st century. [2] The Johannesburg Implementation Plan, adopted at the 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development, reaffirmed the UN`s commitment to the full implementation of Action 21, as well as the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and other international agreements.

[Citation required] Now at the eleventh hour with the UN and a furious Scoldilocks De Thunberg inspires climate hysteria, mask and illusion dropped, as everything in sight and takes shape. Unfortunately, since the penny is falling for the average citizen and they are beginning to have a hazy idea of what was signed on their behalf, I am afraid it is far too little and far too late. Malcolm Roberts promised, and Malcolm delivered Roberts. After announcing on Facebook that he would address the “Agenda 21” threat to Australian sovereignty, he addressed it in his first speech as an Australian senator. After wide remarks aimed at refuting the scientific consensus on climate change and a comparison between themselves and Socrates, Roberts said: Obviously, Australian workers are only sacrificing for the change of economic rationalism in the strange cult of globalization. It is recommended that all those at risk take the time to investigate the GATS and other international trade agreements before it is too late. Signing other agreements or agreements with the EU and the United Nations will mean nothing more than a centralising government that implements the orders and agendas of the EU and the EU, and do we want or need this in all truth in Australia? A government totally ready to keep everyone in the dark and to threaten our Constitution, our democracy, our way of life and our freedoms in all circumstances. Roberts stated that after the signing of the Rio Declaration in 1992, the government of the day “was implemented in secret by the ministers of each government because, under the guise of biodiversity, it adopted property rights, the durab