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December 6, 2020
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December 6, 2020

C2 When a Member State uses one of the article 2 regulatory decisions, paragraph 5, Article 2, paragraph 6, Article 4, paragraph 2, point c), Article 6, paragraph 2, Article 10, paragraph 1, Article 10, paragraph 5, point f), Article 14, paragraph 2, and Article 16, paragraph 4, inform the Commission and any subsequent amendments. The Commission publishes this information on a website or by other means that are easily accessible. Member States are taking appropriate measures to disseminate this information to national creditors and consumers. 3. This article does not affect national rules which, in solidarity, make the creditor jointly liable for any consumer claim against the supplier when the purchase of the supplier`s goods or services has been financed by a credit contract. For the purpose of this point, an open credit contract is a credit contract with no fixed maturity and includes credits that must be repaid in full within or after a period of time, but which can be restarted after payment. (s) the period during which the creditor is bound by the pre-contract information. 2. Member States ensure that, when the parties agree to change the total amount of credit after the conclusion of the credit agreement, the lender updates the financial information available to the consumer and assesses the solvency of the consumer before any substantial increase in the total amount of credit. (e) the fixed interest rate; the terms and conditions of this interest rate, an index or reference rate applicable to the original interest rate, the fees applicable from the conclusion of the credit agreement and, if applicable, the conditions under which these commissions may be changed; All contracting parties receive a copy of the credit contract. This article does not affect national provisions relating to the validity of credit contracts that comply with EU law. (g) If the date or amount of a payment to be made by the consumer is not determined on the basis of the credit contract or the assumptions exposed to points (d) or (f), the payment is deemed to be made according to the data and conditions required by the lender and, if these are unknown: 1.

Each Member State ensures access to the databases of creditors of other Member States in case of cross-border credit. which are used in this Member State to assess the creditworthiness of consumers. Access conditions must be non-discriminatory. This compensation must not exceed 1% of the loan amount prepaid if the period between prepayment and termination of the credit contract is more than one year. If the period does not exceed one year, the compensation may not exceed 0.5% of the loan amount repaid prematurely.