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April 8, 2021
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FineStar Imaging is proud to offer an annual printer service contract for all brands and models. As part of our annual printing service contract, customers can benefit from the security of knowing that they have a safety net and are covered for any problems encountered with their equipment. With an annual maintenance contract for your printer, our customers can pick up the phone and open a service call without knowing the service prices and get the repair authorization. At Finestar Imaging, our technicians repair, wait and wait for businesses. We offer fast, reliable repairs, on-site copier and service. We know that the collapse of photocopiers can be one of the most stressful situations in the office. Printing and copying stops and lost productivity, while calls, payments and errands must be made for the machine to run again. Solve phone errors via the Canon service – if you can`t solve it, a qualified service technician will be on site until the next business day. Canon establishes service agreements that have flexible conditions and give you the ability to optimally modify the service provided over time. Canon Medical Systems` InTouch asset management solution is Canon Medical Systems` unique approach to delivering high-quality service at the most cost-effective prices on both Canon Medical Systems systems and non-Canon medical systems for customers. Canon Medical Systems uses its award-winning service management team and tools to manage multiple systems, radiology departments, hospital-wide clinical systems and even health networks across the IDN. Our certified technicians always offer new customers the option to use an annual service contract after completing a fax, printer or copy repair, to minimize unnecessary future costs and to have options for future printer repairs and maintenance.

The maintenance of your company`s copy is provided by our technicians who have been trained and certified. Finestar Imaging, only the most competent and reliable technicians are on duty to ensure that every customer benefits from a first-class repair and maintenance service. Professional care is taken into account to ensure that expensive appliances like your Canon photocopier work as efficiently as your business. Our Service Desk and our qualified engineers are highly qualified and experienced. Canon Medical Systems` full service agreements can be the ideal solution and offer a perfect blend of safety and flexibility. All of our service contracts provide you with a safety net throughout the year, so that restoring your image processing productivity is guaranteed to you as quickly as possible, so you can simply rest and be sure that your business saves money, time and frustration. You can call FineStar to send a free technician to your head office, evaluate a service contract or personalized service contract and give you a quote. Canon Medical Systems limited risk service contract is a perfect solution for customers who want to manage risks for parts and consumer products while the basic system is fully covered. Canon Medical Systems` in-house agreement provides total security on your systems and at the same time uses the internal clinical engineering resources you have to achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Canon Medical Systems` MSA offering includes several canon medical system systems that are bundled and offer standardization and maximum value.

MSAs can include a service contract model or the entire portfolio of service solutions and generally offer flexibility to move from the service contract model to the customer dynamics model over the life.