Ato Employee Enterprise Agreement

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December 3, 2020
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December 3, 2020

Notwithstanding the provisions of this clause, a worker may be paid at a different rate, determined in advance by the delegate, given the circumstances of the restriction situation. (a) is conditional on the worker providing written proof of living conditions before and after the move, which are relevant to the worker`s application for moving expenses when a worker is working in the field; The amount of car allowance (c/km) to be paid is calculated between leaving home and returning home, however, part-time work is only entitled to the additional 30% for night shifts if the work time does not include fewer shifts per week or no fewer shifts per week during the posted cycle than a full-time equivalent, and the position is entirely within 7-hour hours. The allowance is paid during periods of paid leave that are within the period during which the worker retains recognized responsibilities in that function. Limited flexible working hours may work, subject to a written agreement between the worker and his or her supervisor, to provide short free time for additional hours. Such an agreement takes into account the purpose of shift work. When a worker is assigned to perform all the tasks of a higher classification under this agreement, he or she is paid equal to the difference between his current salary and the salary to be paid if he were promoted to the higher classification. (b) the amount of moving assistance to be paid to a worker must be determined before the worker moves from one location to another; and the annual increase depends on the assessment of the overall performance of the worker as satisfactory. In this evaluation, the delegate refers to the ATO performance framework. A manager may order an employee to take a defensive driving course at ATO`s expense.

The worker may be prohibited from driving a motor vehicle to perform ATO operations until the course is completed. (b) workers under the minimum AGE of the AMS; The introduction of shift work or a change in shift work cycles is only done after consultation with the workers concerned and, when they choose to do so, their representatives. A worker who must travel for a shorter period than expected must be subject to overwork granted to the worker. This timetable sets out the conditions for workers who, because of the effects of a disability, are entitled to a salary assisted in accordance with these conditions. When an employee is promoted to a classification between SPG2 and EL1 (including), the salary is paid at a level equal to the minimum wage assigned to the higher classification. If a worker has been authorized to use a private motor vehicle for official purposes, the worker receives compensation per kilometre on the basis of the ATO subscription service. Subject to this clause, a entitled worker is entitled to a wage advance at the next pay point after 12 months of benefits eligible for his existing salary point. Anyone who has been engaged in the following additional duties and who has the required qualifications and/or responsibilities is paid in accordance with Schedule 4 Schedule A.